This is the Data Protection Statement of Hytch Recruitment GmbH, Große Hamburger Str. 32, 10115 Berlin, Germany, registered in the commercial register of the Local Court Berlin-Charlottenburg under HRB 161702 B, for the use of the online market place (hereinafter jointly referred to as “hytch”). The protection of the User’s personal data regarding the collection, processing and use in connection with the User’s visit to hytch is the company’s sole concern. The data is protected within the scope of the statutory regulations. Hereinafter hytch provides the User with information pertaining to the data hytch collects and uses during a User visit: With the User registration on the hytch site, the User confirms that it has read and understood this Data Protection Statement and that the User accepts that this statement is a component of the Agreement on the use of hytch Services. With the User’s acceptance of this Data Protection Statement the User provides its consent as a User in terms of the hytch Ts&Cs to collect, store, disclose and use the personal data provided by the User for the purposes described in this Data Protection Statement. Please read the Data Protection Statement carefully. Hereinafter hytch provides information on the collection and use of personal User data within the scope of using hytch services. “Responsible Party” for the collection and use of personal user data is hytch Recruitment GmbH, Große Hamburger Str. 32, 10115 Berlin, Germany, registered in the Local Court Berlin-Charlottenburg under HRB 161702 B. Please email us if there are any questions pertaining to data protection, or if the User wishes to exercise rights or claims concerning its personal data to According to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), data processing and use is permitted provided the BDSG or another law allows such use or if the individual has provided its consent. The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) permits data processing and use of personal data if it is required for the conclusion, performance or termination of a contractual relationship or a quasi-contractual trust relationship. 1. COLLECTION AND PROCESSING OF DATA 1.1 Each access and call to the hytch system and files stored on the hytch system is recorded in a log. The storage of data is used for system related and statistical purposes. The following is recorded in a log: IP address, name of the called file, date and time of the call, transferred data volume, successful call message, web browser and querying domain. 1.2 Additional personal data is only collected if the User has provided the corresponding data voluntarily, e.g. within the scope of registration (Section 2) or with the User’s consent in accordance with Section 2.1 or through the release of the User’s social network account(s). 2. HYTCH USER REGISTRATION 2.1 Within the scope of User registration hytch collects the following data in the registration form (Last Name, First Name, E-Mail and specialization of the candidate i.e. company, and company name, first name, last name and E-mail of the company contact). hytch stores this data and assigns it to a user account. 2.2 Each User has a user profile on the hytch platform that is used to represent the User within the User community. The profile contains the User’s name and User image, if any. 2.3 Please refer to Section 2 of our Ts&Cs regarding the detailed definition of the Data Protection Statement. 3. REGISTRATION AND USE OF HYTCH VIA SOCIAL NETWORKS 3.1 hytch can be accessed using social network linking functions. “Social Networks”, in terms of this Data Protection Statement and our Ts&Cs, are social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Github, LinkedIn, Stackoverflow, Twitter or XING. 3.2 hytch can be used through the “Facebook-Connect” function. The “Facebook-Connect” function links the User’s Facebook user account with the hytch user account. The User grants hytch access to the user data (i.e. user data that the User has marked as public) and the User E-mail address that the User has provided to Facebook. Facebook provides the “Facebook Connect” function; information pertaining to the function can be accessed under ( These notes also apply to the other Social Networks accordingly. 4. PROFILE AND PUBLISHING PROFILES ON HYTCH 4.1 Should a candidate create a profile on hytch that companies can access, the User can specify which companies may not access the User’s profile (as a rule all former and current employers). 4.2 hytch collects and stores the User’s personal data (last name, first name, date of birth, gender, address, professional interests, positions held, education, qualifications and professional experience, as well as IP-address) the candidate has provided or made available with the User’s consent from a social network according to Section 2.1. hytch exclusively provides this data to interested companies for the purpose of the formation of a contractual relationship in accordance with Section 5.3 as follows: Professional interests, positions held, education, qualifications and experience: Profiles are disclosed in the form of anonymized hytch User profiles that are not available to the public, i.e. that are only available to registered hytch Users, but are not accessible by other candidates or blocked companies in terms of Section 4.1. Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address: Disclosure exclusively to interested companies who have made an offer to the candidate; 4.3 If companies submit an offer to a candidate, the offer is stored under the user account of the respective candidate / user account and hytch notifies the candidate. 4.4 The IP address is only stored with the user account, the IP address is not disclosed. 5. USE AND DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL DATA 5.1 To the extent the User has provided personal data to hytch, hytch will utilize the data only to answer the User’s questions regarding the processing of the agreement that has been entered into with the User and for purposes of hytch’s technical administration. 5.2 The User’s personal data is only disclosed to third parties or otherwise disclosed if it is required for the purposes of processing the agreement (in particular disclosure in terms of Sections 4.2 and 5.3) or for the purpose of the continuance of the hytch offer and/or if the User has consented prior to such disclosure. The User has the right to revoke its consent with effect for the future at any time (see Section 7). 5.3 If a User (as candidate) wishes to contact another User (as a Company that has submitted an offer to the candidate in terms of the hytch Ts&Cs), hytch will provide to both Users, i.e the candidate and the company, the name and all other provided and accessed data according to Sections 2.1 and 4 of both Users to bring about a contact (Section 4). 5.4 In addition, hytch uses personal data – provided the User has granted its consent – for customer service, e.g. for distributing the hytch newsletter via E-mail. By registering for the newsletter, the User is prompted to use the double opt-in process to register for the newsletter, the User’s last name, first name and Email address is used for hytch advertising purposes with the User’s consent. hytch sends the newsletter to the User. The newsletter can be unsubscribed at any time via E-mail. Each newsletter contains a unsubscribe link. The User can unsubscribe from receiving this information at any time via phone, mail or fax. The contact data provided in the Legal Notices section is to be used for the cancellation. 5.5 hytch assures that the User’s personal data is not disclosed to third parties – except for hytch Users that are the addressees of such information (see Section 4.2), unless hytch is obligated by law to disclose such data or the User has provided its prior consent. hytch reserves the right to create anonymized user profiles based on the collected user data for advertising purposes, market research, company information or offers that are specific to the needs of hytch partners. 5.6 In addition, hytch publishes the User profile; this includes all data provided by the User, however, such publication is restricted according to Section 4.2. 6. OBJECTION, INFORMATION AND OTHER USER RIGHTS 6.1 To the extent hytch uses data which requires the User’s consent hytch will request the User’s express consent in each case and the User’s consent will be recorded according to data protection regulations. The User may revoke its consent at any time with future effect and may object to future use of the User’s data for advertising, market and opinion research. 6.2 Upon request according to Section 34, German Federal Data Protection Act [BDSG], hytch will provide the User with information on its stored personal data, disclosure of such data and the purpose of storage. 6.3 Upon the User’s request, hytch corrects, blocks or deletes the User’s personal data in accordance with Section 35 German Federal Data Protection Act [BDSG]. The deletion of the stored personal data is performed if the User revokes its consent to the storage of its personal data, if such data is no longer required for the performance of the storage purpose or if the storage of such data is not permitted by law otherwise. 6.4 Queries in terms of Sections 6.2 and 6.4 and Revocation Statements in terms of Section 6.1 regarding provided consent can be addressed via the postal service to: hytch Recruitment GmbH, Große Hamburger Str. 32, 10115 Berlin, Germany, or by E-mail to 7. COOKIES 7.1 “Cookies” are text files which are stored on the User’s computer and which enable hytch to analyze the use of the website. hytch uses Cookies provided the User accepts the use of Cookies. hytch uses Cookies because they are essential to the use of the hytch site. 7.2 In addition, hytch uses Cookies for the purpose of statistical analysis e.g. of the number of visitors and visited sites. hytch assures that personal data such as the User’s E-mail address is not collected or stored in this regard. The Cookie data is processed anonymously or by using a pseudonym. 7.3 The User can reject the use of Cookies at any time by deactivating the Cookie setting in the User’s browser or the User can have the browser display the Cookies (“Cookie Warning”) and decide on a case by case basis if the User wishes to accept the Cookies. If the User uses Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the User can make the corresponding changes by selecting the menu item “Extras / Internet Options” or the corresponding menu item in other browsers. Details are provided in the help menu of the respective browser. The hytch site may be adversely affected though declining or displaying Cookies. 7.4 This data is only collected for the purpose of data security and for optimizing hytch. The data is not analyzed for any purpose other than statistical analysis and only in anonymized form. Personal web browsing history profiles or similar are not created or processed. 8. GOOGLE ANALYTICS 8.1 hytch uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses Cookies in terms of Section 7 In general, the information created by the Cookie regarding your usage of this Website is transmitted to and stored on a Google server in the USA. If IP-anonymizing is enabled on this Web page, your IP-address will, however, be truncated by Google prior to its transmission, if such transmission takes place from within a member state of the European Union or another state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. The full IP-address is transmitted to and truncated on a Google server in the USA only in exceptional cases. On behalf of hytch, Google will use this information to analyze the usage of this Website by the User, to compile reports regarding the activities on this Website and to provide additional services to hytch related to the usage of this Website and the Internet. The IP-address transmitted by the User’s browser within the scope of Google Analytics is not merged with other data of Google. The User can prevent the storage of such Cookies, if the User instructs its browser accordingly; please note, however, that if the User’s browser setting prevents the storage of such Cookies, that full access to all of the functions of this Website may not be available. In addition, the User can prevent the transmission of the data to Google, that is created by the Cookie and that relates to the User’s usage of the hytch Website (including the User’s IP-address) by downloading and installing the browser plugin available under: 8.2 The User may also prevent Google Analytics data collection by clicking on the following link. By clicking on this link an Opt-Out Cookie is set that prevents future collection of the User’s data when visiting this website: Google Analytics deaktivieren 8.3 Additional information on usage terms and data protection can be accessed under: or under 9. DATA PROTECTION NOTICE FOR THE USE OF SOCIAL PLUG-INS 9.1 The hytch site integrates so-called “Social-PlugIns” of social networks (see Section 3.1). 9.2 Social-PlugIns can be identified by their logos on the social network websites. If the User calls up a hytch web page that contains these Social-PlugIns a direct connections is created between the social network server and hytch at which point the Social-PlugIn image can be seen and the associated functions are transferred to the User’s browser which are integrated into the presentation of the hytch web page. 9.3 Should the User be logged onto a social network at that point in time with the User’s user name and password, the visit information is transferred to the social network and can be assigned to the User’s social network user account. If the User clicks on the Social Plugin, i.e. the Facebook “like” function (also known as the “Like” button) the hytch content is linked to the User’s Facebook user account. 9.4 Even if the User is not a registered social network user or the User is not logged off of a social network prior to visiting htych the possibility does, however, exist that the User’s IP address will be transmitted to the social network and stored by the social network. Furthermore, cookies (see Section 7) or so-called “web beacons” may be stored on the User’s computer. 9.5 hytch expressly notes that the content and scope of data collected directly through a social plug-in and transmitted to the respective social network, as well as the duration of storage and the purpose of using this data is at the sole discretion of the social network. Additional information can be accessed via the data protection notices on the social network sites: a) Facebook: b) Google+: c) Github: d) LinkedIn: e) Stackoverflow: f) Twitter: g) XING: These web pages provide the User with additional information on User rights and setting options regarding the protection of the User’s personal sphere within the social networks. 9.6 The User can contact the browser provider regarding the use of Cookies and Web-Beacons and browser setting options. In addition, third party providers of so-called browser-extensions and plugins can be used to configure the User’s browser cookie settings. 10. MISCELLANEOUS 10.1 hytch may from time to time publish links to third party web pages. hytch does not assume any liability for the accuracy and completeness of content published on the third party pages and data protection compliance, even though hytch applies due care in the selection of such links. This Data Protection Statement does not apply to links to third party web pages. 10.2 This Data Protection Statement can be accessed via at any time.