We are a transparent and fine-tuned marketplace where genuine companies compete for the hottest talents in the fields of software engineering, data science, design or product management. With hytch we want to reshape the market and turn the tables. hytch is answering the needs of the talents, recognizing the shift in the talent pool, and putting the talents in control. Our goal is to innovate the future of the recruiting industry and shape the careers of Europe’s best and brightest.


In early 2013, childhood friends Tim Tepaß and Jasper van Ghemen founded a specialised technology sector recruitment company with Christoph Speckmann. Despite their pursuit of the traditional recruitment model, they quickly realised that their former venture „Wunschkandidaten“ was limited, not scalable, and following the same long processes and procedures of conventional agencies. They began to develop solutions that would challenge the traditional methods and demonstrate the true needs of the 21st century industry and that money was not the biggest motivator behind the talents. Instead the potentials are seeking challenging work, exciting products, a rockstar team and a good company culture. With an experienced entrepeneur and technical expert Jeremy Smith added to the team, combined with their credible market knowledge, hytch was born to solve major problems within both the tech and recruitment industries. The hytch team will check and make sure the companies are meeting the needs of the talents and are high in quality and high in standards. No false claims are accepted. Once hytch has made potential links matching the exact wants and needs of both parties, the fun begins.